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AirCube 2000

The AirCube 2000 is a compact and easily portable robust design with a capacity of 1800m3/h which makes it an extremely powerful single phase air cleaner.

It has a 0,7m2 pre-filter and a HEPA H13 microfilter of 10m2 and a filter indication lamp that is lit when it's time to change filter. Air exhaust is directed upwards in order to prevent dust being disturbed from the floor, can also be used horizontaly, or connected to 10 mtr exhaust hose without loss of performance.

AirCube 2000
Weight (kg) 25
HEPA H13 filter 10 m2
Pre-filter 0,7 m2
Air Flow (max) 1800 m3/h
Dimensions (mm) 500W x 480L x 970H
Power 110v, 450w 16amp
Sound Level max 62 dba
Negative Pressure 500Pa
Outlet 315mm
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