125amp distro board in crash frame

The site distribution board is housed in a 1.4003 stainless steel enclosure, designed to IP55 with a textured powder coat finish to RAL 7021 – dark grey. The site distribution board features two doors – the main door, which allows the user access to the final distribution circuits and has a padlock facility which is designed as an additional safety feature. The second door allows the user access to the mains switch only.

The 125A site distribution board has a bottom entry 3mm aluminium gland plate, top mounted rain cover, and pre-punched sides to allow for socket mounting (16A, 32A & 63A – IP44 & IP67). The enclosure is mounted within a galvanized box section floor stand which can be easily relocated across site.

The equipment has an incoming 4 pole thermal magnetic strip and optional adjustable/switchable incoming earth leakage can be added if required. The 4 pole busbar distribution system allows an easy connection for 2 pole and 4 pole outgoing devices such as RCD’s and RCBO’s. The internal earth bar is bonded to external studs on enclosure and frame. The equipment has an incoming 125A IP67 flying lead to allow for connection to a temporary generator.

125A site distribution board designed to make connection from the temporary generator to on-site equipment such as tools, lighting, heaters, plant machinery and cabins. Our site distribution boards are kept on standby at our three strategically placed locations across the UK, so we can deliver them to you quickly. 125A site distribution boards can be custom built to suit the needs of your project.


• 230V – 400V single and three phase – 50hz

• Interchangeable socket outlets from 16A – 63A

• both IP44 or IP67 available

• Glanded hardwire facility

• MCB’S have C – type trip curves, all RCD’s and RCBO’s are type A

• IP rating: IP54 up to IP65

• Stainless steel 1.4003 or Zintec 2.00 mm enclosures available

• Door interlocking pad lockable handle

• Secondary door for access to main supply for safe isolation

• Galvanised crash frame, forklift pockets and certifi d lifting points

• Optional switchable and adjustable earth leakage

• External earth stud on crash frame and enclosure